How to Map EVM account with Substrate account

Proof Address Mapping is the easy, secure way to deal with Address Mapping to map two addresses between the Substrate(H256) address and EVM(H160) address. By providing proof that the signature belongs to you. Please visit Proof Address Mapping to learn more about it.

The following steps will help you map your EVM account and Substrate account.

1. Create Substrate account The first thing you need to do is create your own Substrate account (if you don't have one yet). Please refer to the document of RMRK or Moonbeam.

2. Get the faucet

After you have your own Substrate account let go to Gafi App to get the Faucet.

3. Setup Metamask First, you need to create the Metamask account if you don't have one yet. Then set up the GAKI network

RPC: RPC2: Chain ID: 1337 Symbol: GAFI

4. Connect the Metamask account Now, navigate to the Mapping Account section. Click on Connect Metamask -> Click on Mapping

Once you finish, you can see your Metamask account sharing the same balance as your Substrate account.

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