A New Development Environment

Gafi's Innovative Solution

The transition to web3 gaming often presents traditional game developers with a set of unique challenges. These typically include mastering smart contract development, maintaining blockchain nodes, and ensuring robust security. Gafi offers an innovative solution to these issues, providing a more accessible and secure development environment.

I. The Challenges of Traditional Web3 Gaming Development

  1. Developing Smart Contracts: Solidity, the primary programming language for Ethereum-based smart contracts, is relatively new and requires around six months to learn proficiently. Building a blockchain game using Solidity involves an extensive process of development, testing, auditing, and deployment, which can take over six months. If issues arise, developers must repeat the entire process.

  2. Maintaining Blockchain Nodes: Interacting with the blockchain necessitates stable PRC APIs, requiring the operation and maintenance of blockchain nodes, which can be costly.

  3. Ensuring Security: Given the novelty of smart contracts and the freedom for anyone to deploy them on the blockchain, security breaches, hacks, and thefts are common. Users often sign transactions without thorough research, leaving their accounts vulnerable. Even reputable smart contracts have been exploited due to subpar code quality.

II. Gafi's Innovative Solution

Gafi has created a dedicated environment where developers can use APIs to manage in-game finances fully. This approach is familiar to developers across the spectrum, from blockchain specialists to non-blockchain developers and even non-developers. Tasks such as creating collections and items or setting upgrade rules can be accomplished via the API in just minutes.

Built on the cutting-edge Substrate blockchain framework and programmed in Rust, a widely-used and popular language, Gafi offers a user-friendly development environment. Unlike traditional blockchains, Gafi employs a forkless upgrade mechanism for its blockchain. Any changes to the Gafi blockchain must undergo a community audit, ensuring a high level of security within the Gafi ecosystem.

Developers can also leverage runtime features and earn considerable rewards. For more information on these incentives, please visit the 'Blockchain Incentives' section on our website.


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