Gafi Wiki
Gafi Network - The Network of Game Finance
Abstract: The decentralized blockchain platform that is built for blockchain games and high-frequency applications. Applications running on top of Gafi Network will never bother about the security, transaction fee, malicious accounts, and many other bad factors. They can just focus on gameplay, game experience, or application logic. The Gafi Network supports EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) that projects deploy from Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain to Gafi Network with little or no change.
Gafi Network is the layer one blockchain that is built from Substrate, and we intend to be Kusama/Polkadot parachain to inherit the security of the Relay Chain. Gafi with specialized customization for Game Finance that solves most of the barriers current game finance facing is the cost of operating, securability, and scalability.
Gafi Network provided the features and friendly interfaces that end-users, and builders easy to use and build with Gafi, we hope you enjoy playing the game and building with Gafi Network.
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