Ethereum Environment

  • Ethereum environment of Gafi Network EVM is the most popular smart-contract platform in the world, Gafi Network integrated Frontier, the Substrate's Ethereum compatibility layer, it's allowed to run unmodified Ethereum dapps. With the integration, Gafi Network opens the gate to developers from Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain deploys the solidity code easily on Gafi Network. Also the users/players easy to play games and use dapps with existing infrastructure, tools like Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, web3.js...\

  • How different of EVM in Gafi Network With EVM on Gafi Network, you can enjoy all the functionality of the dapps that EVM provided together with Gafi Network features. Proof Address Mapping offers an easy, secure way to map your EVM account with the Gafi account. The security from the Relay chain and the Forkless upgrade (Substrate feature), Gafi Network will give you the protection of your works and assets like never before. \

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