Developer Onchain Reward

The exclusive mechanism to encourage developers to contribute and grow the Gafi ecosystem.


Transaction fees are an essential part of every blockchain, the main role of transaction fees is to protect the network from spam attacks. In other blockchains, transaction fees are paid to the miners in the Proof of Work networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum. In other Proof of Stake networks, those fees are burned apart and another part will go to the reserve.

Thirty percent of Transaction Fee reward to developers

In Gafi Network, we have seen developer is the most respected role in the ecosystem, Gafi provides an exclusive feature to reward the developers directly proportional to their work. Thirty percent of the transaction fee when users interact with their smart contract will be sent instantly to the developer.

This feature encourages the game creator and developer to contribute, to building the Gafi Network ecosystem. During the mainnet launch, the percentage of the transaction fee that rewards to developer might be changed and this number will be and should be determined by stakeholders.

Claim Developer-Onchain-Reward

As a developer when you created a smart contract, in order to receive developer-onchain-reward, you must first claim the ownership of the contract. After claiming ownership, the developer-onchain-reward will automatically be sent to you whenever someone interacts with your smart contract.

Visit the How-to document to claim your rewards: how to claim developer-onchain-reward

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