Wholesale NFT Trades

A Comprehensive Guide

Wholesale NFT trades involve the bulk buying and selling of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) within a wholesale context. Unlike retail trades, which focus on individual units, wholesale trades are centered around the transaction of larger quantities of NFTs, which can be from different collections. The wholesale trading system encompasses four distinct trade types, offering traders and collectors convenient options for engaging in wholesale NFT transactions:

Set Bundle: The set bundle trade empowers sellers to establish a bundle of NFTs with a fixed price. To initiate this trade, sellers must reserve (lock) the specified bundle. This trade can be activated during a designated block and within a specific time frame.

Buy Bundle: The buy bundle trade enables buyers to purchase a bundle by placing bids. Buyers need to provide a bid price that is equal to or higher than the specified price. This ensures that the transaction aligns with the bundle's value and provides an added layer of security.

Order Bundle: Order bundle trade allows users to set up a trade with a specified price to acquire a bundle. To create this trade, users are required to reserve an amount equivalent to the set price. This trade can also be configured to initiate during a specific block and time period.

Sell Bundle: The sell bundle trade empowers sellers to offer a bundle from the order bundle trade at an ask price. The ask price must be equal to or lower than the specified price. This trade type facilitates the fulfillment of wholesale requests while maintaining a fair pricing structure.

Note: A small deposit is required to initiate any of the trades. All trades can be canceled at any time, leading to the release of reserved (locked) assets.

Wholesale NFT trades cater to those seeking to conduct bulk transactions within the NFT market, fostering efficient and flexible engagement for traders and collectors alike.

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