Zero Cost Integration

A Game-Changing Feature of Gafi

The integration of blockchain technology is often perceived as an expensive and complex process, requiring significant human resources, budgetary provisions, and trade-offs between game experience and security. However, Gafi, a revolutionary platform in the realm of Web3 gaming, has successfully eliminated these traditional hurdles. This article compares the traditional approach to Web3 gaming integration with Gafi's innovative approach to better illustrate the benefits of the latter.

I. Traditional Approach to Web3 Gaming Integration

The transition from traditional gaming to Web3 gaming typically involves the following six milestones:

  1. Designing NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens): Game studios decide which in-game assets to convert into NFTs, with the rarity of each NFT being determined by its quantity, properties, and reusability.

  2. Developing Smart Contracts: This step involves a significant amount of work, including learning, coding, testing, auditing, and deploying. Due to the risk of unexpected exploits, this task is rarely outsourced.

  3. Minting NFTs: In this phase, the NFTs are minted and integrated into the games. If any errors or changes occur, the process must start over with the creation of new NFTs.

  4. Building a Marketplace: While it's possible to sell NFTs on decentralized marketplaces like OpenSea or Blur, most studios prefer to build their own marketplaces for long-term revenue generation and to have more control over transaction fees and UX/UI customization.

  5. Publishing NFTs: After months or even years of development and testing, the in-game assets are finally published as NFTs.\

II. Gafi's Revolutionary Approach

Gafi revolutionizes this process with its three-step approach:

  1. Designing NFTs: Gafi introduces a new version of ERC1155 with unique methods specifically designed for games, making it incredibly easy for studios to design NFTs.

  2. Minting NFTs: Gafi's transparent random minting and pre-minting mechanisms offer unparalleled security and allow studios to control the supply of NFTs effectively.

  3. Publishing NFTs: Gafi Market provides the flexibility and dynamism for studios to customize transaction fees or alter NFT properties with a single click. The platform's exclusive transparent-random-minting and NFT upgrade features also present new revenue generation opportunities.

The Gafi approach not only eliminates the cost associated with blockchain integration but also significantly reduces the time required for the process. This allows game studios to leverage best-in-class blockchain technologies seamlessly and efficiently.


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