Gafi Membership

The mechanism allows players can join the membership to receive the privileges on the system.


Inspired by Web2 online gaming membership, where players can buy and become a member to unlock some kind of privileges such as special game items, authority to join events, discounts on the markets, etc...

How does Gafi Membership work?

In Gafi Network, to reward the loyalty of players, Gafi Membership will reward the players depending on the level of the member.

The level of the membership depends on the time member use Gafi's services, the longer member uses services the higher level of the membership and the more privileges they will receive.

Gafi Membership will be reset every 24 weeks (12 weeks on Kusama Parachain). After the Gafi Membership is reset, all membership records will be cleaned. All members have to register the membership and started from level 0 again.

What is the benefit of membership?

Although the rewards of the membership will be voted on Governance, by default members will get:

  1. Discount when using Gafi's services

  2. Discount on Gafi Marketplace

  3. Especially top members will get the special NFTs season.

How to maximize your membership level?

To maximize the level of your membership, you should join early to the new season, by following Gafi announcements on several channels and you will notice when a new season starts:

Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Email

How to join Gafi Membership?

Please visit the How-to document to join the membership and get special privileges.

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